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Male (Maldives)

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By: Carlo Piccinelli

Male on Google Maps.
Born as a fishing village in the middle of the long sequence of atolls that form Maldives archipelago, the island of Male was chosen as the capital first by the Portuguese and then by the British. Male today is a crowded city and its residential neighborhoods have occupied any free space once occupied by the white coral sand. The roads that cross the city are covered by thousands of scooters and even if its surface is a few square kilometers, even by hundred cars often blocked by traffic or lined up at some rare traffic lights. The city, which one time could be reached only by boat, is now joined by a long bridge to the nearby airport island, which increases the traffic of people and goods that reach the merchant and fishermen's port, but the most crowded port is the tourist port where the many motor boats arrive and depart for the nearby atoll resorts. One of the most visited tourist attractions is the fish and vegetable markets. An opportunity to discover the products of the archipelago. Equally crowded are the streets of shops selling clothes, watches, jewelery and diving equipment. The visit to the city continues in the rooms of the Museum of history, culture and traditions located near the waterfront gardens shaded by tall plants. The tour of the capital generally ends in one of the many typical restaurants or in the restaurants of the hotels but in the alleys there is also a pizzeria and the Seagull pub famous for the fresh and thirst-quenching juices and fresh fruit smoothies. An interesting stop during the journey to Maldives, half a day in the capital before boarding the plane and returning home is a good way to end the wonderful journey through the atolls.
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